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The guild

The guild, one of the parts of the club, has given St. Sebastianus its right to exist. This section is divided into a number of disciplines, the flag wavers, the crossbowmen and the gunmen. The captain is at the head of the guild; he is supported by the ordnanceofficers. The guild also has (side) flag bearers and marketeers. Together they form our Schuttersgilde, an originally 'traditional military corps'!

Schutters gilde St Sebastianus Gendt

The flag wavers.

With the recognizable red and yellow flags, this part is inseparable from our corps. When St. Sebastianus makes a tour through cities and villages, the flag wavers close the procession in their own way; both marching and giving away a formidable show is no hassle for them. The flag wavers of St. Sebastianus also have some solo wavers amongst them. They also participate as a group in competitions. This group was the province's champion of Gelderland in 2017, a special achievement! Played by the Show- and Marchingband, the song 'the clown' is a recognisable song on which a musical and ceremonial tribute is regularly performed.

The archers.

In the year 1499, 'the archers' were the first members of our guild. As a militia they protected the former village against robbers and other crooks. Today, of course, that is no longer applicable and they form a part of our traditional guild. In the recognizable black uniforms with red, gold and white, they participate in streetparades, fairs and show, with their arms, at home and abroad. They also regularly participate in shooting competitions during federative showdowns. In addition, the high-level shooters shoot in competitions with other clubs. Various championships have been achieved; St. Sebastianus is proud to have this traditional section. The 'archers' shoot with crossbow, air rifle and air pistol.

The marketeers.

In history the marketeers have been the ladies that took care of a snack and drink for the archers' guild. Today, the ladies provide 'wet and dry' catering along the route when St. Sebastianus performs. Recognizable by their black uniform, with white and red accents, they carry a basket with proviant or a barrel containing a 'medicine'. Always delivered with a smile and a lovely greeting."