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Show- and Marchingband

"The band, established in 1499, has since then been an example for current military bands. The well-known black uniforms with red, gold and white accents, give the Show- and Marchingband St. Sebastianus a traditional, though contemporary appearance.

Show and marchingband St Sebastianus Gendt

The Show- and Marchingband excels through two strong musical preferences. On the one hand it brings a broad, regularly updated, repertoire of military marches. On the other hand, it entertains its audience with well-known popsongs.

The warm, traditional brass sound has a good foundation on the band's solid percussion.

The large, well-performing and enthusiastic band, with its members ranging from the age of 16 up to 66, make up for a flourishing band and certainly know how to passionately entertain the audience. This is what the band is after, each march, each show and each tattoo.

The overwhelming effect is enhanced by the large number of musicians in the band.

Traditional though contemporary, passionate entertainment, tight marching with familiar popsongs, on a warm brass sound with solid percussion make that St. Sebastianus is a welcome guest at performances at home as well as abroad."